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The editorial “30 years of AUSIM”, signed by Mrs. Nawal JERMOUMI, PMO Casablanca Stock Exchange.
In the DigitalChampion section, find an exclusive interview with Mrs. MIA LAHLOU FILALI, CEO of PHARMA 5.

Since the beginning of 2023, the phenomena GPT, ChatGPT, Dall-e and MidJourney and other generative intelligence products have been invited in all trades and discussions. In the Special Report, you will find an open and no-holds-barred debate about Generative Artificial Intelligence, the impacts on our jobs, our posture towards these new tools and a deep reflection on the role of the human being in the company of tomorrow.

Publication Focus on the white papers and studies published by AUSIM in the first quarter of 2023.

Our partner Wemanity shows you how to implement a feedback culture in your organization!

In the Startech section, discover GWALA, the fintech that is dedicated to the financial well-being of employees.

You will also find our usual sections: DigitalTour to take stock of all the news in Morocco and beyond our borders in terms of digitalization and transformation projects. WorldWiseWord: a bit of philosophy in a digital world. Finally, Ausinews, the latest news and activities of AUSIM.

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