Ausim Maroc


AUSIM, an association committed to the development of IT and the Digital Sector in Morocco.

The Association of Information Systems Users in Morocco (AUSIM) is a non-profit association created in April 1993.

With a number of leading organizations among its members, both at the organizational and managerial levels (offices, banks, insurance companies, industrial companies, etc.), AUSIM actively works to develop and popularize the use of IT and digital technologies in Morocco.


With a number of leading organizations among its members at the organizational and managerial levels (Offices, Banks, Insurance companies, Industrial companies, etc.), AUSIM actively works to develop and popularize the use of IT in Morocco.

As such, it has the following objectives:


The Association is composed of regular members and honorary members:

Regular members are administrations, companies, organizations using computer systems, excluding companies whose main activity is the sale or distribution of computer equipment. They are represented by duly mandated delegates.

Honorary members are appointed by the General Assembly based on the Board’s proposal. The title of Honorary Member is conferred as a tribute to individuals or organizations that have rendered distinguished service to SI or the Association.


Annual membership fees.
Miscellaneous resources, in particular those coming from the participation fees of non-members in events organized by the Association.


Due to its strong and dynamic community composed primarily of CIOs from public and private organizations as well as digital transformation actors, AUSIM is very much sought after by its network of partners to set up projects and events for its community.

Rule 1: Political discourse is prohibited

AUSIM is a professional association. The topics we cover in our various forums (AUSIM MEETINGS, AUSIMAG, AUSIM CONFERENCES, etc.) must be in line with our mission, which is to promote the use of digital technology and IT as levers for growth.

Rule 2: Racist, xenophobic, and other forms of intolerant speech are prohibited

Any abusive language or discriminatory behavior will be reported. We advocate freedom of expression and encourage the exchange of ideas on current issues while at the same time respecting the fundamental rights of each individual.

Rule 3: No advertising content

We highlight scientific content that aims to enlighten the community and the public on issues and topics related to IT and the digital sector. Promoting a commercial service or product is not accepted unless clearly stated in a partnership agreement. Sponsoring is more suitable to meet this need, and communication supports and tools are developed to meet this objective (AusiMag sponsoring, Conference sponsoring, etc.)

Rule 4: Quality is a guarantee of success

AUSIM's motto is to do everything possible to satisfy its community and meet the needs of its members. It is clearly committed to ongoing action to improve its processes, work, and deliverables. Whether it is for a webinar or an event, an article or a white paper...AUSIM wants to provide its community with high quality content that is well designed (form and format) to meet the expectations of its community.

Rule 5: Transparency

The roles and commitments of all the actors who collaborate with AUSIM must be clearly defined (partner, sponsor, etc.) They must be mutually agreed upon in a partnership agreement or in writing.

Rule 6: Consultation and communication

The communication between AUSIM's interlocutors and the different actors (partners, sponsors, contributors, etc.) is important. Regular consultations, regulation and evaluation of the actions carried out and projects developed are indispensable for the proper conduct of the various established projects.


The Association offers to its members, as well as to other actors involved in this field, the opportunity to reflect together on common issues of concern and to deal with major topics related to Information Technology and the Digital Sector.

To achieve this, it has several programs (seminars, breakfast debates, dinner debates, round tables, etc.) that provide forums for reflection and experience sharing, while benefiting from the assistance of top-notch speakers.


In addition to the various aspects of its internal activity, AUSIM also asserts its position with the main national actors involved in the fields of digital technology and telecommunications and information technology (ADD, ANRT, etc.). It monitors and anticipates changes in its national economic and social climate. Also, maintaining partnership relations testifies both to a connection with external actors in the field and to a large-scale influence of the Association’s actions.


Another aspect of AUSIM’s activities: Opening up to the university world and the world of engineering schools through several actions and programs, including the co-organization of the AUSInnov Moroccan Innovation Competition (INNOV’IT) since 2008.

It is an event that aims to promote sharing and innovation in the field of Information Systems and the Digital sector and to ensure a constructive exchange between the academic and professional world. Thus, AUSInnov is part of the development process of information and digital technologies in the educational field in our country.

Prizes are awarded to the top three teams. The projects are carried out by engineering students and supervised by university professors.


Download the document containing AUSIM’s by-laws

Internal regulations

Download the document containing AUSIM’s internal regulations.


Every year, the AUSIM family grows by welcoming new members.


President AUSIM
Lhoussaine Drissi KAMILI
Groupe Crédit Agricole Maroc
Vice-Président AUSIM
Secretary General
Mohammed Aamir QODAD
Fondation Mohammed VI
Vice-Président AUSIM
Deputy Secretary General
Les Eaux Minerales d’Oulmes
Vice-Président AUSIM
General Treasurer
Abdessamad LIMY
Casablanca Stock Exchange
Vice-Président AUSIM
Deputy Treasurer
OCP Group
Vice-Président AUSIM
Vice-Président AUSIM
Vice-Président AUSIM
Mohammed ESSAIDI
Vice-Président AUSIM
Assurances Lyazidi
Vice-Président AUSIM
Alaa Bennis
Vice-Président AUSIM


Managing Director
Financial and administrative manager
IT Project Manager
Farah Chraibi
In charge of marketing and communication



#27 is a space for exchange and collaboration. It reflects AUSIM’s mindset and the path the association has taken.

“I had to create an identity, design a philosophy in AUSIM’s environments, express a fusion between the present and the future, establish a distinctive style through the ambience palette, the choice of finishes, the creation of atmospheres, and the harmony that goes with them, optimize the spaces and give them flexibility so that AUSIM could welcome its team and partners in a comfortable environment and a creative and dynamic climate. On a 100 m² floor space, we created a fusional atmosphere between the world of today and that of the future. A future that we have already embarked on and that AUSIM has been supporting for years. Offbeat in its spaces, vintage furniture, 3D wall, peppy colors, light fixtures, and the placement of each of these elements, the new AUSIM Headquarters is an invitation to share, inspire, and be creative.”



Dr Ennaji Amjad Doctor

الاوزيم معادلة إنسانية جمعوية مهنيّة علميّة ّصعبة...بكل المقاييس ...فقد وَجدتُ أسرة بمواصفات بحثْت عنها منذ مدّة فوجدتها وزيادة احتضان فكري وروحي وإنساني هو ما أسميه بفضاء العطاء وملتقى الإخاء ّأتعلَّم وأعلِّم لأن البناء وصناعة الإنسان تحتاج إلى فريق من طينة أخرى وهو ما جسّده لديّ هذا الفريق...أعتز بهذا الانتماء الّذي بصَم مرحلة مِن عمري
أهل الاوزيم

Khadija BOUKOUMASS Scholarship recipient - 1st AUSAIDUCATION graduating class

I am a high school graduate who graduated with top honors with a Science/Mathematics high school diploma in the Saharan region of GUELMIM OUEDNOUN. I grew up in a disadvantaged environment with very limited financial resources. I didn't know what to do with my academic success after graduation. When I learned about the opportunity that FME provides to support young people in my situation, I applied without hesitation and with great hope. One wonderful day, the FME informed me that a great association believed in me and accepted to fund my studies and to assist me. It was the "AUSIM Angel" through its AUSAIDUCATION program. AUSAIDUCATION had sown a seed of hope in my heart, and now I am preparing myself to use my skills and talents for the development of my country. I would like to thank everyone involved in the "AUSAIDUCATION" program. Rest assured that the positive impact you have had on me and the other students in the program will last forever.


Born out of the need to defend the interests of businesses in the IT field in the 1900's, AUSIM has been able to expand its missions to become a trailblazer in the digital transformation of Moroccan businesses in general and their CIOs in particular. It is also a partner in the world of education so that it can respond to the needs of the Moroccan market, and an active player with valuable propositions to accelerate the digitalization of member businesses. This is evidenced by AUSIM's conferences, Innovation Days, white papers, etc. The role of a trailblazer places AUSIM as an actor who helps member businesses to co-construct their future with their stakeholders. AUSIM is a successful example of committed professional associations. I am proud to have led it for two terms and proud of the presidents before and after who each contributed a significant part to the building

Yasmina Belahcen Maya Digital's Founder

An Ausim partner for several years now, we are delighted to be part of a positive dynamic of knowledge sharing around the digital world, a network composed of national experts and leaders, all this in a professional and friendly atmosphere, in a cheerful and good spirit.

Mohamadou DIALLO Managing Director of CIO-MAG

Reflect together on the challenges of the successful bet on IT to better understand the transformations brought about in businesses. This was one of the major challenges AUSIM was committed to when it was created almost 30 years ago. Even if the fields and the scope of action for IT have largely evolved over time, your association has succeeded in adapting to the context in order to continue not only to accomplish its primary mission, which is to unify its members and follow the major trends for a better digital acculturation and all levels. This mission of generosity in sharing and solidarity with members is an integral part of AUSIM's DNA. The Covid-19 pandemic health crisis has accelerated the use of a large part of the processes that you strive to provide to the various collaborators of your organizations. This demonstrates the eminently powerful role of IS as well as that of umbrella organizations such as yours which remains, to my knowledge, one of the oldest and most active on the African continent. As a result of this crisis, our relationship with digital will undeniably change. The new challenges will be to promote a sustainable, responsible, and trusted digital environment. There is no doubt about your ability to cope with this paradigm shift. This is particularly evident in the way you understand the integration of digital technologies and their uses, both in professional environments, in terms of your professional responsibilities, but also in our daily lives as digital citizens.

Hicham Iraqi Houssaini SAP MD

Having spent most of my career in the new technologies sector, I have had the pleasure of participating in several AUSIM initiatives aimed at popularizing the major themes of our industry and showing their major contribution to business operations. I would like to extend my best wishes to this fine association and congratulations to all its members who have created a dynamic in the NICT sector, obviously under the leadership of our dear Mohamed Saad.