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In 2019, AUSIM committed to awarding merit scholarships to finance post-secondary education for high school graduates from disadvantaged areas or backgrounds who have significant potential to study in the IT and digital fields.

The 1st graduating class has 11 scholarship recipients.

This program was launched in partnership with the Moroccan Student Foundation (FME).


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This Post Covid program is an introductory academy for new concepts and technologies reserved for members and the AUSIM community to help them accelerate their digitalization. The trainings will be led by experienced IT experts. 

Recipients will be able to discover innovative ways to approach everyday challenges, navigate the maze of disruptive innovations and technologies. To make their decisions with confidence.

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This competition, organized annually with the participation of engineers from Moroccan schools, aims to encourage innovation in the IT and digital fields. Winners receive funding and support to turn their ideas into marketable products and create their own startups.


This Post Covid program is launched by AUSIM to support its members and its community in the realization and advancement of their digital projects.  

This involves the creation of thematic clubs led by AUSIM partners to demystify subjects with high added value for businesses and the community. 

The first 4 AUSMOSE clubs were launched in April 2021. These are:

  • The “From Competence to Performance” Club in partnership with SUPEMIR.
  • The “Startup/Company Relations” club in partnership with the Technopark.
  • The “ISD Performance” Club in partnership with Cost House.
  • The “Cyber Security” Club in partnership with DataProtect .